A Look at BMW Group's "Electrification Strategy"

To keep pace with the modernization of society, it is only natural that key players in the automotive industry would respond in like kind. An example of one such company is the BMW Group which continues to innovate new ways to transform transportation. Making headway with its "Electrification Strategy," the manufacturer hopes to provide drivers more alternatives.


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The demand for electric cars is increasing because there are more eco-conscious drivers out on the road today than ever before. Fortunately, the BMW Group is well aware of this fact. That is why it has plans to release models like the BMW i8 Roadster, BMW X3, and BMW iNext to the market in the near future, and they are all expected to include an electric powertrain as an option. Add this to a collection already rich with green cars like the BMW i3, and it is clear that this automaker offers more environmentally-friendly choices than most of its competitors.

What does this mean for BMW of Southampton customers? If you want to go greener, so to speak, then keep an eye out for the upcoming BMW collection. No doubt, you will find a desirable choice with ease!

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