Three Dashboard Warning Lights That You Should Pay Attention To

Dashboard warning lights can save you from unexpected repair bills and possibly an unexpected breakdown. All cars and trucks are manufactured to show the same warning lights. These dashboard warning lights alert vigilant drivers about different issues, and you can come by BMW of Southampton to find solutions for your car or truck. Here are three of the most important dashboard warning lights and their meanings.

  • Oil light - Indicates low oil pressure. This meaning a getting an oil change is a priority.
  • Battery - Indicates issues with battery charge or malfunctioning alternator.
  • Temperature - Indicates engine overheating or low levels of coolant.

Responsible drivers here in Southampton need reliable cars to navigate through traffic. Sometimes your car is trying to tell you something important, and ignoring those dashboard warning lights may lead to unnecessary damage to your vehicle. Always pay attention to the dashboard to keep yourself and other motorists safe.

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