Why is Getting Your Tires Rotated Important?

Tires that wear evenly reduce a number of potential issues you could experience when driving your BMW vehicle. Get to the service center at least every other oil change for your next tire rotation because:

  • Tires that wear unevenly are going to make it very difficult for you to maintain your lane at high speeds, as the vehicle keeps wanting to pull to one side of that highway.
  • If the tires don't wear evenly, they will have a much harder time gripping the road and keeping you in your lane. This can be especially problematic if you drive on slick and wet roads.
  • If the tires have uneven wear, there could be a very loud and strong vibration in the steering wheel that can affect your ability to drive safely.
  • Tires can be expensive. Protect your investment and rotate them at least every other oil change!

At BMW of Southampton, we have technicians on hand that can quickly inspect the tires and then rotate them properly for you. Call or reach out to our auto service department today!

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