The Advantages of Bringing Your BMW to the Dealership for Service

You might wish to consider servicing your BMW at the dealership for many reasons that are applicable to your luxury model. Here at BMW of Southampton, we can get information regarding parts, recalls and known issues faster than your general auto maintenance shop or mechanic. You will know that your car is built from OEM parts and maintained with the best customer service available.

Our full-service BMW dealership makes use of warranties and offers the help of technical support professionals, including more lifts than your average mechanic. We have a nice and comfortable waiting area for quick visits, but we can also can meet your schedule needs if you’d like to drop off your vehicle and continue your day. When going to the car dealership for car repair services, you can enjoy efficient attention and care taken toward your vehicle.

Our dealership makes certain that all customers are contacted and receive up-to-date information regarding repairs and recalls. Going to the car dealership instead of another shop will allow you to have many premium benefits. Call BMW of Southampton for your auto repair or service needs in Southampton, NY!

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