Speed Isn’t the Only Reason to Drive the 2017 BMW X6 M

It goes without saying that performance is the mission of BMW’s M Division, but you’ll find more than raw thrills on the 2017 X6 M. Its striking design will stand out in any parking lot, while its spacious interior offers plenty of room for passengers. There are also plenty of safety and entertainment tech options on the menu as well.

For more of the non-performance benefits, though, check out the video above. We’re about to let our enthusiast flags fly, because when it comes to acceleration, steering, and engagement, the X6 M has it on lock. In fact, weighing in at north of 3,600 lbs., its four-second sprint to sixty seems to defy physics. We attribute that to the twin-turbo V8’s 567 horsepower and all-wheel drive, in addition to some engineering wizardry from the team over at M. But the devil is in the details. Its other assets, from its engaging and responsive steering to its drive modes have to be experienced to be believed.

To get that knowledge, sign up for a test drive with our BMW dealership in Southampton, NY. A sales representative can look into availability, ordering, and scheduling your appointment.

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