What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a popular in-vehicle technology system that features hands-free calls, directions, music, and the ability to use other apps. It lets you use your smartphone in a safer way. Top two features of Apple CarPlay are Siri voice control and Apple Maps.

Siri voice control can be activated by pushing the voice control button in your car. The button is usually located on the steering wheel. With voice control, you can perform many tasks like asking where the nearest gas station is. Your eyes stay on the road longer this way. Apple Maps can predict where you're going based on the addresses in your smartphone's contacts. It also provides updates on the speed limit and which lane is needed for an upcoming turn.

Apple CarPlay is a great technology feature to have in a car because it lets you search for directions without taking your hands off of the steering wheel. You can test drive a vehicle that has Apple CarPlay at BMW of Southampton in Southampton, NY.

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