Springtime has reached Long Island and after many months of snow, the time has come to hit the road and discover the luscious sights, sounds, and tastes that spring has to offer! Spring may be the time for hitting the beaches, walking through the flower-filled forests, or even simply sitting outside with a book and your favorite beverage, but it is also time to get your BMW serviced in Southampton! BMW of Southampton is here for you throughout the process of owning a luxury car, so let us share with you what important maintenance procedures your BMW may need to prepare for spring! Our service center at BMW of Southampton is located right here at our dealership on County Road 39A in Southampton, NY.

Spring Maintenance Your BMW May Need!

  • Oil Change/Fluid Check: One of the most basic maintenance procedures is an oil change, but it is especially crucial when the seasons change. Your BMW engine might have put forth a bit of overtime to help combat the cold, so an oil change is a rudimentary way of keeping excess sludge buildup out of your engine. Our technicians can also check your other fluids such as coolant, topping them off and flushing them as required.
  • Tire Rotation: Another standard procedure that ensures your BMW tires hold the best traction. If you are driving with winter tires, a rotation is required to ensure no long-term damage is incurred to roads or to the tires themselves. Tread on any tires, all-season or otherwise, can wear down from long-term winter driving.
  • Alignment Inspection/Tightening: The alignment of axles and other key components of your BMW can affect traction, performance, steering, and fuel efficiency. Your BMW's axles could be from winter driving and ice.
  • Filter Replacement: Your vehicle's air filters may require replacement as they undergo much usage during the winter heating and filtering the vehicle.
  • Undercarriage Cleaning/Inspection: Driving on the icy and salty roads in the winter can impact the underside of the BMW with grains of salt scraping the undercarriage. This can happen to and BMW car, SUV or otherwise, but long-term corrosion from salt can cause rust damage if left unwashed and untreated.

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While some of these service terms and procedures may not be as familiar to you, never fear, because our on-site service center at BMW of Southampton is here to help! All you have to do is schedule a service appointment and bring your new or used BMW in to get in-shape for the spring. Come see us today!

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