Whether your BMW needs regular maintenance or a service repair, BMW of Southhampton is your best option in Southampton. Now, you can arrange to have our service center team pick up your BMW and return it when the service is complete.

We follow all public health guidelines for sanitation. You can be sure your vehicle will be fully safe when you get it back.

BMW Certified Service

Many shops and automotive retailers in Southampton specialize in BMW service. However, authorized BMW centers like BMW of Southampton offer knowledge and products provided by BMW itself.

Specialized Tooling and Expertise

Your BMW is a finely tuned machine designed for precision driving. Its specifications, technology, and components are custom-designed to support you in style, comfort, and safety.

As a BMW authorized center, BMW of Southampton invests in training and specialized tools that ensure your job is done exactly according to factory standards.

Comprehensive Maintenance

BMW's suite of Ultimate Care services provides a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program for your vehicle. Contact our service team to learn how an Ultimate Care package can save you time and offer the peace of mind of high quality, prescheduled maintenance.

BMW Approved Tires

Although you have many choices when it comes to buying tires, we highly recommend BMW Approved tires from BMW of Southampton. BMW Approved tires give you the ride, performance, and handling characteristics you expect from a BMW. And we will make sure to install, mount, and balance exactly the right tire for your vehicle.

Original BMW Batteries

When it is time to replace your BMW's battery, please do not delay the replacement. A dead battery can result in an inconvenient and potentially expensive tow and repair. It may also place your personal safety in jeopardy. Original BMW Batteries are specifically designed to power your BMW's onboard electrical and mechanical components, including the wireless systems.

They are designed and tested by BMW engineers to outlive conventional retail batteries.

Pick Up and Drop Off Service from BMW of Southampton

Contact our service center team online or by phone to arrange complimentary pick up and drop off service for your BMW.

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