Although it seems to be taking its time, summer is approaching slowly but surely. With all the ice, snow, salt, and frigid temps, New York winters can be a little tough on your beloved BMW. That means that spring is the perfect time to refresh your ride as we finally make the transition to warmer weather. Here are a few recommended Spring maintenance items:

  • Oil and Filter Change: The most basic service item is also the most critical. Oil changes are an essential part of the maintenance checklist. Not only does oil lubricate the fast-moving parts, but it also collects contaminants and transports them to the filter. Freezing temperatures and extra road debris have adverse effects on your car's oil, so change it in the spring to get ready for summer.

  • Tire Changes: Snow tires should be reserved for the winter months because they're designed for extra traction, not durability. Using them in the summer can cause them to wear out prematurely. If you're using all seasons, you want to ensure adequate tread and air pressure.

  • Replace Wiper Blades: Cold temperatures can turn wiper blades brittle and render them less effective. Swap them out to ensure safe operation in rainy conditions.

  • Battery Testing: Your car's battery has to work harder in the cold weather. Furthermore, the transition to warmer temperature can cause terminal corrosion and fluid evaporation. Now is a good time to have the battery tested to ensure it will last the summer. If it needs replacing, we have a full inventory of genuine OEM model-specific BMW batteries.

  • Brake Service: More road debris has the potential to cause faster wear on the pads and rotors. Our expert technicians can examine your braking system to ensure proper pad thickness and even wear.

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