At BMW of Southampton, while we love selling and servicing the latest and greatest BMW models, we also understand that a brand new vehicle isn't the best choice for every car shopper. When searching for your next automobile, there are many important aspects to consider, among them being family needs, budget, and lifestyle. Often, these dictate that a quality used model is the most prudent option.

The most obvious benefit of buying used is the lower purchase price. However, the savings of a pre-owned vehicle go beyond the initial cost. Used models also incur lower taxes and are often much cheaper to insure, saving you lots of money in the long term as well. But, perhaps the most compelling reason to buy used is the depreciation rate. A vehicle experiences its most dramatic loss in value in the first few years, after that, the curve flattens out and drops much more gradually. Pre-owned cars have generally already experienced their biggest depreciation hit and can, therefore, hold their current value for longer.

BMW of Southampton is proud to offer quality pre-owned vehicles from BMW, as well as other popular brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Honda, and Subaru. The majority of our pre-owned offerings are just a few model-years old, meaning you can enjoy some of the same features and technologies found on new models, but for a significantly reduced price. A pre-owned model is also an excellent way to get the extra amenities of a top trim for less.

If you have any questions about our pre-owned inventory and available finance options, don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience. We're also glad to offer no-obligation at-home test drives, and home delivery as well. Give us a call to learn more. We'll be happy to assist you.

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