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The i3 Delivers Tomorrow's Technology Today

In one of our recent blog posts we talked about the BMW i3 and its technology. Now that the Consumer Electronics Show has wrapped in Las Vegas, we can revisit this topic with some news.

The i3 was in Vegas to show off the technology it has and how even an electric car can be luxurious. Some drivers even got the chance to take a test drive of the i3 and see how some of…

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BMW Talks About Big Changes at the Plug-In Conference

There is a trend going through the auto industry that has shown us the endless possibilities of engineering. Amongst soring gas prices and environmental concerns, car makers are competing with one another to create the latest and greatest in fuel efficiency. It's the most eco-friendly trend yet, and it is saving us plenty of money in the long-run.

At the Plug-In 2014 conference, BMW has taken the spotlight through the announcement that they will…

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BMW i8 to take the stage at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Believe it or not, folks, but the 2013 Frankfurt Show is less than a week away. Exciting news in its own right, but even more so now that the BMW i8 will be making its big debut in just four days. Up until now, we were relatively in the dark about what we could expect from this plug-in hybrid supercar, but now that our favorite automaker has released a trio of images for it, the excitement is flat-our palpable here at BMW of Southampton.

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Build your own 2014 BMW X5 Online

While we can't speak for the masses on this one, shopping in person isn't exactly our favorite activity here at BMW of Southampton. Don't get us wrong, we love being on the other end of the counter and getting to spend time with our customers, but thanks to the internet, we shudder to remember what shopping once was. What can we say, it's a new generation of convenience, and with the arrival of the 2014 BMW X5 fast approaching, online shopping has never been more exciting.

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Motorcycles just got a whole lot Safer thanks to BMW

You know, as much as the 'The Homer' single-handedly railroaded a fictional automaker into bankruptcy, we can't help but feel like giving Mr. Simpson a pat on the back for thinking outside the box as much as he did. After all, that's exactly the kind of thinking that's given us some of the cutting-edge technologies that currently reside in our new and used car lineup here at BMW of Southampton. Sure, we don't go overboard by throwing in air horns that play "La Cucaracha," but when it comes to motorcycle safety, a new way of thinking…

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Get More out of Your EV than Ever Before with the BMW i3

Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we here at BMW of Southampton have gotten pretty good at fielding questions about the new and used cars at our dealership. Much of the credit is due to the infinite wisdom of the gearheads in our parts department, but the truth is that people tend to ask a lot of the same questions. From safety to fuel-efficiency, we'd honestly be surprised if people didn't ask these questions, and ever since vehicles like the 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Sedan showed up on our lot, the inquiries have only broadened…

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