Lease Return at BMW of Southampton

One of the major benefits of leasing is the ease of trade-in and return at the end of your lease. After your lease term expires, it's time to bring your BMW back to our dealership in Southampton, NY. But what is the process like? The first step is to prepare your vehicle for return. All leased BMW vehicles must be returned in the same condition they were given to you. After a quick inspection, we'll assess your vehicle further and let you know if you owe any overage fees.

What Are My Return Options?

You have four options when returning your lease to BMW of Southampton:

  1. Trade-in and walk away
  2. Trade-in and re-sign
  3. Trade-in and swap
  4. Trade-in and buy

As the end of your lease agreement creeps closer, we want you to feel comfortable knowing what your return options are. To help, let's look into each return option to help give you an idea of what's best for you.

Trade-In & Walk Away

If you're happy with the time you spent behind the wheel of your BMW, you can trade it in at the end of your lease and walk away. After passing the final inspection and paying any overage fees, you're free to walk away and do as you please. BMW of Southampton thanks you for your patronage and hopes that you come back one day to experience once again the thrill of driving with BMW.

Trade-In & Re-Sign

Most drivers in Riverhead tend to find a BMW vehicle that they like and keep on leasing it. At the end of your term, you can choose to trade-in your vehicle re-sign it for the next few years. Comfort and convenience behind the wheel are two things BMW strives to create, so why walk away from it now? Here at BMW of Southampton, we give you the chance to re-sign your lease so that you can continue to drive your luxurious BMW vehicle in East Hampton, NY.

Trade-In & Swap

The benefit of leasing is that you can drive the latest vehicles and experience the newest technology every couple of years. After your current lease expires, consider trading it in and swapping it for something newer. Upgrade your BMW 2 Series to a more upscale and spacious BMW X5 SUV, and continue commanding the streets in Sag Harbor with a new BMW model every few years.

Trade-in & Buy

The last return option is to trade-in and buy. With a leased BMW in Southold, you're essentially paying off the full value of the vehicle in pre-determined monthly installments. By the end of the second or third year, depending on how much you pay each month, you may be able to afford to buy the vehicle outright. This gives you unparalleled freedom and customization rights to a vehicle that you previously rented, but now you own. This is the best option for drivers who really like their BMW and want to drive it more into the future.

Lease Return Made Simple Near Long Island, NY

Instead of stressing about your lease expiring, have faith in the experts at BMW of Southampton to help you make a wise return choice. If you're getting close to the end of your term, you have four unique options that allow you to either walk away, re-sign, swap, or buy your vehicle outright. We give our valued BMW drivers various options because we know that times are always changing, as are your needs and wants.

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For more information about lease return, please call, click, or contact us online at BMW of Southampton. We're eager to help you return your lease and possibly get you behind the wheel of something new this season. Click to explore our new inventory online, and please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. Happy shopping!

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