Expert BMW Dealership Technicians can Keep Your Vehicle Fresh

Driving a BMW vehicle for the first time can be quite an exhilarating experience, especially around Southampton. This family of vehicles brings extraordinary capabilities to the table. Plus, BMW sedans, SUVs, and wagons all provide unique levels of performance, luxury, and panache. That being said, keeping your BMW vehicle in trim shape requires regular maintenance visits. That's where your friendly local BMW dealership in the Riverhead area comes in. They employ specially trained and certified technicians who can give your car detailed attention. By doing so, BMW car owners like yourself can keep your vehicles looking fresh and running well far into the future.

Do BMW BMW Vehicles Need Special Electric Service Checks?

Modern BMW vehicles employ complex electronics that support both motor operations and internal communications. As such, servicing these vehicles properly requires specialized electrical equipment and knowledge. BMW technicians can use such equipment to query the Onboard Diagnostics System (OBD) and find issues that are impossible to locate otherwise. If you notice issues with check engine lights or other telltales, this means that your BMW vehicle requires a trip to the electrical technician.

Should You use Special Brake Fluid for Your BMW?

BMW vehicles are built to perform, and as such, they use high-quality original equipment manufacturer (OEM) equipment. Brake fluid actually fits into this category, and BMW vehicles use high-quality brake fluids that can handle heat and pressure no matter what you throw at it in the East Hampton area.

Brake fluid comes in several coded grades. These include. Dot 3, Dot 4, Dot 5, and Dot 5.1. The higher a particular brake fluid is on the list, the better it is able to resist heat and repel moisture. BMW vehicles use only the highest quality brake fluids, and these include Dot 4, Dot 5, and Dot 5.1.

What Types of Service Intervals Should You Observe for Your BMW Vehicle?

How often a given driver services their vehicle depends somewhat on their driving habits. For example, drivers who use their vehicles for local trips only and put a few miles on them may need fewer service checks. On the other hand, drivers who use their vehicles heavily may need to schedule maintenance visits more frequently. That being said, there are certain distance based intervals that owners of BMW vehicles can use for guidance.

At the low end of the spectrum, the 15,000-mile mark is a good time to have major systems checked. These should include air filter replacements, tire balancing and rotations, oil replacement and filter check, and a fluid level check. The next milestone is the 30,000-mile mark. At this level, BMW owners will want to have technicians check their electrical systems, central engine components, brakes, and transmissions. Other common service milestones include checks at 60,000-miles and 90,000-miles.


Do BMW Vehicles Require Special Engine Oils?

BMW vehicles use motors that employ turbochargers and other high energy components. These motors tend to develop high temperatures and pressures, meaning they require engine oils that can stand up to the conditions anywhere in Sag Harbor. BMW vehicles require oils that have the proper SAE viscosity grades for the weather conditions. They also need API ratings in the SM range or better. Trained and certified BMW dealership service technicians can quickly and easily identify the requisite brake oil type and take necessary action.

Do BMW Vehicles Need Seasonal Maintenance Checks?

They certainly do. Even though BMW vehicles are durable and can go thousands of miles between major checks, it is always a good idea to have preventative maintenance done on a seasonal basis. These types of checks can help drivers winterize their vehicles, and can also take care of any small issues that may develop due to seasonal changes.

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