Buy or Lease a New BMW X6 in Southampton NY

New BMW X6 in Southampton, NY

The BMW X6 2022 is a restyled X5 with a sloping rear top. This midsize luxury SUV emphasizes form above function, giving families a more coupe-like appearance. The X6 is now in its third generation and received major changes to its powertrains, interior technology, and external appearance in 2020. And, given the X6's latest makeover, we think 2022 will be a year devoid of major upgrades.

What's New for the Year 2022?

BMW updates the X6 range for 2022. The most significant change is the elimination of the rear-drive, six-cylinder variant. The X6 40i now has BMW's xDrive all-wheel-drive technology as standard for Riverhead and East Hampton, NY drivers.

The Luxury Seating option provides ventilated front seats with additional power adjustments and massage features at a reasonable price. Individuals who live in cold-weather climates, such as ourselves, will enjoy the new Climate Comfort bundle. It has four-zone temperature control, heated seats in both rows, a heated steering wheel, armrests, and a heated steering wheel.

The BMW X6 and many of its competitors for 2022 are stylistic alternatives to conventional midsize SUVs with big, boxy rear faces. They forego luggage space and back headroom in favor of better looks, but beauty is subjective.


The X6 40i is powered by a 335-horsepower turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine with a 48-volt hybrid system and all-wheel drive. The X6 M is more powerful, with up to 617 horsepower. The basic six-cylinder engine is swift and silky smooth. Both the X6 40i and M50i come standard with adaptive dampers and 20- to 22-inch wheels. The X6 with its V-8 engine demonstrated its outstanding cornering grip and stopping power around Sag Harbor.


The BMW X6 has a load capacity of 27.4 cubic feet, with the rear seats upright and 59.6 cubic feet are folding. That's more than enough room for a pair of carry-on luggage, a few golf bags, or a big load of groceries. On the other hand, the low roofline makes it difficult to accommodate heavy objects such as a dresser or sofa. The majority of premium midsize SUVs provide additional cargo space.

The BMW X6 is a two-row luxury SUV with a maximum seating capacity of five. The front seats are well-cushioned and supportive, with enough head- and legroom for even the tallest passengers. While vision forward is excellent, the view to the back and sides is restricted due to the small windows and falling roofline. Additionally, the coupe-style roof impinges on the back headroom. While there is sufficient room in the back for two people to sit in moderate comfort, very tall passengers should avoid these rear seats.


The X6 is equipped with BMW's newest iDrive infotainment system, including a large 12.3-inch touch screen placed high above the dashboard. This display is easily visible and accessible, the visuals are crisp, and the system reacts fast to user interaction. Additionally, the system may be controlled through a knob and touchpad located in the center console and buttons on the dashboard and steering wheel. Although these redundant controls may seem daunting at first, with experience, the arrangement becomes very user-friendly. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also standard, enabling customers to integrate their smartphone interface into the vehicle's display.

For such a big, hefty SUV, the BMW X6 seems surprisingly agile and surefooted. The X6 boldly cuts over twisting roads with little body lean, the brakes are powerful and linear, and the steering is fast but sometimes numb. The X6's ride quality is firmer than comfortable, particularly on versions with optional 21- and 22-inch wheels. Although the suspension absorbs bigger bumps and dips in the road, the ride may get a little twitchy on the uneven pavement at times.

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