It's not often that our world is graced with super groups, but in the rare occasions we've been privy to them, amazing things have taken place. Just think of all those catchy tunes we'd be deprived of had The Traveling Wilburys never happened, and we dare you to imagine the shame brought upon our nation had the Dream Team not been at the '92 Olympics. Say what you will about them, but we here at BMW of Southampton love us some super groups almost as much as we love the new and used cars at our dealership. So when we recently heard that BMW and Toyota were teaming up with aims of changing the way we drive, we couldn't help but be ecstatic about what was to come.

Now, for all of you who have been following along, this might not be coming as news to you. That's because it's been over a year since the brass at BMW and Toyota Motor Company (TMC) signed an agreement to work together on technologies and cars in the near future. But what you probably haven't heard is what their agreement entailed and what it is they'll actually be working on together. Well wonder no longer, BMW fans, because their recently unveiled four-point agenda follows as such:

  • Both automakers will combine their efforts to create a fuel cell system that includes a hydrogen tank, motor, and battery. In addition, they will both develop codes and standards for the hydrogen infrastructure, and aim to have the said fuel cell system completed by 2020
  • Both automakers will work to develop new lightweight technologies using reinforced composites and cutting-edge materials for future use in vehicle bodies
  • Both automakers will begin research towards developing a lithium-air battery that will have far greater energy density than that of current-generation lithium-ion batteries
  • Both automakers will combine their technologies and automotive knowledge to begin work on a mid-size sports vehicle that will be completed by the end of 2013

Like we said, folks, amazing things happen when super groups get together. But until these projects start becoming realities, come see us at 759 County Road 39A in Southampton, NY 11968-4122 to see what you've got to look forward to. It's like the Dream Team of automakers.

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