Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we here at BMW of Southampton have gotten pretty good at fielding questions about the new and used cars at our dealership. Much of the credit is due to the infinite wisdom of the gearheads in our parts department, but the truth is that people tend to ask a lot of the same questions. From safety to fuel-efficiency, we'd honestly be surprised if people didn't ask these questions, and ever since vehicles like the 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Sedan showed up on our lot, the inquiries have only broadened.

While safety and fuel-efficiency will never go out of style, the big question these days of hybrid powertrains seems to be that of driving range. "How long does the battery last?" "How long does it take to charge?" "How far can I get so I'm stranded on the highway?" Again, all understandable.

Battery life is more of a priority now than ever before, and with the upcoming launch of the BMW i3 EV, our favorite automaker is looking to set the bar to new heights.

The BMW i3 is aiming to put its drivers' minds at ease by giving them the most accurate EV driving range on the market. For starters, the i3 will be outfitted with a ConnectedDriver infotainment system that tabulates the surrounding topography, traffic data and nearby charging stations to make sure drivers get to their destinations on time and without sapping their charge in the process.

Not only that, but the i3's Range Assistant technology will be able to run in three different modes. Comfort mode is said to have a driving range of 100 electric miles, Eco Pro remaps the throttle to give drivers a 10% increase in their driving range, and Eco Pro+ bolsters the range that much further by lowering the car's speed limit, putting the climate control system on power save mode, and changing the transmission's gearing. And just in case all that isn't enough to get you to your destination, i3 owners can purchase an additional two-cylinder gasoline range-extender engine, and BMW will also loan i3 drivers a gasoline or diesel car for a certain amount of days per year.

Unfortunately, we likely won't have more specifics on the i3 until its big debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but until then, feel free to whet your appetite with a test drive in one of our hybrids down here at 759 County Road 39A in Southampton, NY 11968-4122. All questions welcome.