Believe it or not, folks, but the 2013 Frankfurt Show is less than a week away. Exciting news in its own right, but even more so now that the BMW i8 will be making its big debut in just four days. Up until now, we were relatively in the dark about what we could expect from this plug-in hybrid supercar, but now that our favorite automaker has released a trio of images for it, the excitement is flat-our palpable here at BMW of Southampton.

In case you haven't heard, the BMW i8 is shaping up as a fuel-efficient force to be reckoned with. It runs on a 1.5-liter gasoline engine that's paired with a battery-powered propulsion engine to deliver 362 horsepower for all your rubber-burning needs. Not only that, but thanks in part to its lightweight design, it will also boast a fuel economy of 2.5 liters for every 100km.

An easy sell if there ever was one, but now that we have an idea of what it actually looks like, the good news just keeps getting better.

Living up to its name, this hypercar looks like something that's been sent back from the future. You've got butterfly doors, an incredibly sleek interior cabin and blue accents on the exterior to complement its silver paint job. Rumor has it that the rear windshield will also be made up of Gorilla Glass, a first in the industry.

As you can imagine, it's something to see, and when it finally takes the stage on September 10, we can only imagine what kind of news we'll have to share with you. Until then, feel free tide yourself over with a test drive in one of the space-age models at our dealership here in Southampton, NY