A couple months back, we here at BMW of Southampton told all you fine folks about everything that the BMW i3 will have to offer. It's going to be an EV, it's going to be gorgeous, and if all goes according to plan, it'll be joining the ranks of our new and used cars before we know it.

Well in an effort to get us that much more excited about it than we already are, the brass at BMW have recently teamed up with Solarwatt to revolutionize the way we'll be charging it at home.

Like Solarwatt's name implies, the partnership is geared toward channeling the power of the Sun to help charge the BMW i3 and future EV models. As of now, word has it that their efforts are focused on providing solar panels to homeowners that can be outfitted on the roofs or carports of their domiciles.

Needles to say, it sounds to us like the start of a beautiful friendship.

"We are glad that with Solarwatt, we have a premium partner for custom solar solutions on our side which lives up to our customers' demanding aesthetic and quality standards," says Marcus Krieg, Director of the 360° ELECTRIC Project at BMW. "This partnership promotes our primary goal of offering sustainable and customer-friendly means of conveniently charging their vehicles in their own garage when the BMW i3 and BMW i8 are introduced on the market."1

So until these EVs roll on into our showroom, feel free to tide yourself with a test drive in one of the many fuel-efficient models at our dealership here in Southampton, NY. Might as well enjoy the Sun if you can't harness it.

Source: 1http://green.autoblog.com/2013/04/27/bmw-ev-charging-solarwatt-hackathon/