As you've likely gathered from the activity on our blog as of late, we've got some awfully big things on the horizon here at BMW of Southampton. One of those things is none other than the introduction of the pure-electric BMW i3 to our lineup.

And if you think we're excited, just wait until you hear what the gang at Popular Mechanics had to say about it.

Just recently, Popular Mechanics announced the winners of their annual Breakthrough Awards. For those unfamiliar, the awards are a celebration of the individuals and products that have been leading the way in innovation since 2007. The ten winning products on this year's list ranged in scope from EV skateboards to the space-age wristwatches, and one of those winning products was none other than the BMW i3.

While one would be quick to credit its win for being such an eco-friendly, electric four-wheeler, that's actually not the reason why Popular Mechanics was so taken with it.

"What's innovative is the way it's built: A passenger cell made from carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic means a curb weight of around 2800 pounds - light for any kind of car," say the editors at Popular Mechanics. "And by reexamining the production process all the way down to the raw materials, BMW found a way to offer a car made from exotic materials for a little over $40,000."1

Oh yes, there's a lot to get excited about, and if you'd like to learn more about this award-winning EV before it makes its way to our showroom, the experts in our car parts department would be happy to fill you in at our dealership here in Southampton, NY. Gotta love innovation.

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