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In the realm of luxury cars, the BMW brand ranks among the top because of its first-rate engineering. Many consumers are loyal to the automaker for this reason. However, those who are new to its lineup may find it difficult to navigate their options due to its unique naming convention, which is why BMW of Southampton compiled resources to help shoppers like you learn more about new BMW models.

BMW Model Overview

Customers who are interested in our offers for new BMW models at our dealership near Riverhead should start their search by identifying the vehicle they like best. The selection is extensive, so we simplified it into three categories. Review each section and you will find it easier to understand the essential differences.

Numerical Series - Most of the premium cars built by BMW are designated with a number, starting with the 2 Series and ascending all the way up to the 8 Series. Even-numbered models are sportier while odd-numbered models are more traditional.

X Models - Those who desire a larger mode of transportation will prefer BMW X models. Referred to by the manufacturer as Sport Activity Vehicles®, these choices are in effect deluxe SUVs and crossovers and currently range from the BMW X1 to the BMW X7.

M Sport Line - For the ultimate experience, consider the luxury performance car collection designated as the M Sport Line. BMW M models incorporate high-end technologies into their makeup to bolster vehicle dynamics and present a better overall ride.

BMW Body Style Overview

Delve a little deeper, and you will see that there are diverse body styles for you to consider as well. To help you determine a choice that will suit you best, we have outlined the most common designs below. Compare their qualities side-by-side to decide on which new BMW model you want to drive around East Hampton and surrounding areas.

Sedan - The sedan is characterized by a four-door cabin with a closed roof and compartmentalized trunk. An example is the BMW 7 Series.

Gran Turismo - The Gran Turismo builds off the sedan by raising ride height and expanding volume with the inclusion of a wagon-like trunk. An example is the BMW 5 Series.

Coupe- The coupe is a more intimate iteration and is differentiated by its compact, two-door cabin. An example is the BMW 2 Series.

Gran Coupe - The Gran Coupe shares a likeness in styling to a coupe with its sleek roofline and curves but adds extra room. An example is the BMW 4 Series.

Convertible - The convertible is distinguished by its retractable roof and is often offered with a two-door cabin, though four-door variants are sometimes available. An example is the BMW 6 Series.

Sports Activity Vehicle - The Sports Activity Vehicle® (also known as the SAV®) is a more utilitarian model defined by its spaciousness and improved capability. An example is the BMW X3.

Sports Activity Coupe - The Sports Activity Coupe® (also known as the SAC®) is a smaller rendition of the SAV® and is depicted with a coupe-like silhouette. An example is the BMW X6.

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Breakdown of BMW Nomenclature

Aside from having an assortment of body styles, new BMW models for sale and lease at our dealership serving Sag Harbor have other classifications, too. For instance, most of our products are accompanied by a three-digit number and letter. Some are even labeled as xDrive or sDrive. Understanding the terms will make their properties more apparent.

Engine Power - Numbers like 430i and 440i symbolize the engines equipped in a new BMW model. Generally, higher numbers indicate more horsepower and torque.

Gasoline, Diesel, or Hybrid - Letters specify engine type. Take the 320i, 328d, and 530e as examples. The "i" derives from "fuel-injection" and denotes a gasoline. The "d" denotes a diesel. The "e" denotes efficiency and is often reserved for BMW hybrid models with eDrive or BMW Efficient Dynamics.

xDrive and sDrive- xDrive is the name given to new BMW cars and SUVs that are incorporated with an all-wheel drive system. Its opposite counterpart is the sDrive which represents two-wheel drive systems.

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